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Sterling Silvia Loyalty Punch Card

Sterling Silvia has created a Loyalty Punch Card Program in order to reward and say "thank you" to the most loyal customers. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully to understand how your punch card works. The terms and conditions will change from time to time. Please check back to see if and when any changes will take place.


Terms and Conditions:

For every full, pre-tax $60 you spend, one hole will be punched on your card. When you complete all 10 punches, you will be eligible for a 50% off discount on one single regular-priced item, priced at $400 or less. You may combine up to two completed cards to be eligible for a 50% off discount on one single, regular-priced item priced at $800 or less. No punches will be given on clearance items or 50% off items. This also goes for any jewelry or gem show purchases.

    • If you have one completed card you may receive 50% off one single, regular-priced item priced at $400 or less; or save it until you collect more cards to combine. 
    • If you have two completed cards you may receive 50% off one single, regular-priced item priced at $800 or less; or receive 50% off two items priced at $400 or less. 

The FINE PRINT: May not be combined with any other sale, offer, or promotion. If you choose a product that is already on sale (ex: 30% off) you will only receive 50% off, not 30% and 50% off. You will not receive any punches for the following:
    • if you have a Get My Perks promotion voucher
    • Clearance items (discounted more than 30% of the regular price)
    • When you use your Loyalty card
    • If you do not present your card at time of purchase - no exceptions.
You must physically present the card(s) at time of checkout in order to receive the discount. 

We reserve the right to change or suspend the Sterling Silvia Loyalty Punch Card program at any time. If you have any questions regarding the Punch Card program please email us at  for clarification. 

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